FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about IRS Solutions

How do IRS Solutions clients get results that no other Tax firm will get?

In addition to the required annual continuing education that most tax preparers receive, IRS Solutions also focuses on intensive Strategic Tax Plan training. We efficiently provide the highest results for our clients while providing good education and communication.

After I complete and send in my Tax Questionnaire along with my documents and the fee for the strategy, what happens next?

You will be contacted by a scheduler within one week of receiving your completed package. Your initial 90 minute strategy session will be scheduled with your personal tax coach. During the call, you’ll review your current strategy, review suggested changes and come up with the list of action items. You’ll be astounded at what you can accomplish during this first phone call!

You’ll receive a package within 48 hours of the strategy session which includes a written bullet-point list of action items needed to implement your plan.  You’ll also receive a full tax strategy report complete with footnotes and references to all the IRS authoritative guidance which allow you to use the plan to pay less tax. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to set your follow-up phone call with your personal tax coach.  Many clients want to schedule the second call about two weeks after the first phone call. That allows time to start on the action steps and so that the second session becomes an opportunity to ask “What else?” for more ways of building net worth and cash flow without creating additional tax.

Why do I have to complete this questionnaire?

We produce the best results for our clients when we first understand where our clients are and where they want to be. We do that by having all new prospective clients fill out this questionnaire. It's a simplified guide that helps us work with you completely and straightforwardly. Each part of the questionnaire is critical.

What happens after my strategy?

After you’ve completed the entire tax strategy process, you will then move into one of our tax maintenance plans to ensure you never overpay a dime of tax again!


Tax Maintenance by IRS Solutions:

  • Monthly analysis of your bookkeeper’s financial statements to ensure that they are correct and in accordance with the strategy that has been developed for you
  • Advice on and revision of your current tax strategy when needed due to changes in your circumstances or changes in tax laws
  • Preparation of your business and personal tax returns
  • Tax Consulting to educate and empower you in your own tax strategy and financial plan.
  • Specified phone time with your personal Tax Coach
  • E-Mail question and answer sessions

Who prepares my strategy?

Our team includes tax professionals who are certified in Strategic Tax Planning and who generally have a minimum of 5 years experience in specialized tax planning.

Who will I talk to?

Once your tax strategy evaluation has been formulated by us, we will call you to schedule a phone appointment. Your coach will go over the results of your tax strategy evaluation, what is needed to implement the plan and answer questions related to your tax planning.


What do I get for the money I spend?


  • We will organize your data, analyze your current financial situation in light of your personal goals, and develop your personalized tax strategy using our trademarked system and strategy tools.
  • We then communicate the results of our findings, explain your strategy details and discuss the financial benefits your plan can provide in a 90-minute strategy session. Your strategy session can be completed in person or over the telephone and internet.  During this time, we will answer your questions related to your tax plan and its implementation. We will show you during this session how your custom-designed plan can deliver the specific results you are seeking.
  • In addition, we then send out a detailed tax plan report along with action steps that need to be performed to implement the strategy along with a visual diagram of your new tax plan.


What happens after strategy session?


After your strategy session, we will send you:

  • Summary of your overall plan
  • List of Action Steps required to give you the most tax savings benefits
  • Diagram of your new tax plan
  • Detailed plan report complete with IRS references
  • Proposal for the next phase of our program – Implementation and Maintenance

At the end of your Strategic Tax Plan session, we will set up your follow-up call for your strategy. This call can be used by you to reinforce any of the ideas covered in the first session, to talk through any additional questions that have come up during the implementation of your plan or to cover new ideas you may have.

What if I don’t have a team in place to help me?

IRS Solutionsoffers complete implementation of your strategy. Please let your personal tax coach know what you might need.  We will assist you in forming your financial team of advisors. 

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