Client Reviews

"I am a Physician with several Complex Medical Practices. I have been working with David Stone and IRS Solutions for several years now, and have found David to be exceptionally skilled at accounting.  His knowledge of the IRS is extensive, and his ability to translate that into tax savings is extremely valuable to me.  I give the highest recommendation of David Stone and IRS Solutions to all of my colleagues’ and business associates."

      -Dr. Michael G., Pacific Palisades, CA

"I first consulted with David Stone at IRS Solutions in September of 2004.  My accountant of 12 years had just informed me that, on top of all the taxes I had already paid so far that year and would pay before December, I was going to owe an additional $24,000 in income taxes.  I decided at that point that I should get a second opinion.  David and his team had me implement a number of different strategies that are completely approved and allowed for by the IRS (such as funding a 401(k), making my health insurance a business expense, etc.) that it brought that liability down to only $3,000.  He explained everything very well and I felt confident that I would either never get audited, or if I did, would sail through it easily because there was nothing questionable about his recommendations.  Of course, I switched to using IRS Solutions for my tax planning at that time and have referred a number of other happy clients to them."

      -Kelly I., Valencia, CA

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