Tax Coaching

  When is the last time your tax accountant called you and said,

"Listen, I have an idea that will save you MONEY..."? 

What is a Certified Tax Coach?

David Stone and Drew Foster of IRS Solutions, Inc are Certified Tax Coach™'s. They are a part of a larger team of many Certified Tax Coach™’s who work together to bring the most effective and up to date tax planning strategies to their clients.  A Certified Tax Coach™ is a proactive tax planner who has been trained in strategies that help clients legally minimize the taxes they pay. To find out more about Certified Tax Coach™’s, go to

What is a ProActiveTax Strategy?

A tax strategy is a detailed tax plan showing you how to reduce your tax bill by legal, moral and ethical means. After completing a brief questionnaire, We will review the questionnaire and your most recent tax return/s to look for missed opportunities and potential tax savings. We then prepare a personalized tax plan that addresses your unique tax situation in order to reduce your tax bill.

Who Needs Tax Planning?

When a tax law changes we know about it. We believe in year-round tax planning to help minimize your current and future taxes. If you fall into one of these three groups, you can't afford not to benefit from a Certified Tax Coach™'s expertise insight and analysis:

  • You own your own business: Owning your own business – even a startup or sideline business – is the best tax shelter left in America. Are you taking advantage of every chance to pay less?
  • You own real estate: Real estate is a great tax shelter and a foundation of countless family fortunes. Tax laws favor real estate to make housing more affordable. Does your tax pro understand how to make those laws work for you? Or are you missing little-known but legal opportunities to pay less?
  • You manage investments: Today's volatile market proves you can't control whether your investments go up or down. But you can control how you pay tax on those investments. You can also choose investments that reward you with tax-advantaged or even tax-free income. Do your advisors know how to structure the most tax-efficient portfolio for you?

Our Tax Coaching Program Includes:

  • INITIAL TAX ANALYSIS: To assess your current tax situation, We will review your most recent tax documents and let you know if you (or your current accountant) are making expensive tax mistakes, or missing out on valuable tax-saving opportunities.
  • DATA COLLECTION CHECKLIST: Next, you will complete a quick survey to collect the key information required to prepare your customized tax plan.
  • RECOVERY OF LOST TAXES: We will then review your prior tax returns (up to 3 years) to identify any errors or missed opportunities that would allow you to recoup past overpayments.
  • THE TAX PLAN: You will receive a detailed, plain-English, custom-written report (usually 60-80 pages) outlining how the tax code works, including every tax strategy that you can and should implement immediately or in the near future.  This report will be loaded with extremely valuable information and resources.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: We understand how long "to-do" lists can be daunting, so we will also provide you with a timeline of which strategies can be implemented and when, giving you a real plan of action over a 6-12 month period.
  • THE TOOLS: We will provide implementation guides, detailing how to fully implement your new tax plan, including every form you will need to do it.  No excuses!  We make this super-easy for you!  For more complex strategies that require more of my time, we will provide you with very reasonable estimates for those efforts.
  • RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT: Our fees are not an expense, they are an investment.  As such, you should expect a generous return on that investment.  We will provide you a calculation of your estimated annual savings, to show you exactly how wise a decision your tax planning fee is.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT: When you choose a maintenance plan you will receive updates to your tax plan whenever the tax laws change.  Tax planning is not a one-time event; your plan should change every time the laws do.  You are not on your own after we deliver your plan. We are there for you as true advisors should be.
  • TIMELY COMMUNICATION: We will provide personalized letters, announcements, and alerts regarding potential upcoming tax law changes and how you should plan ahead for them.
  • TAX LAW MONITORING: Additionally, you will receive deadline alerts throughout the year letting you know about important upcoming tax dates and what you need to do for them.
  • CONVENIENCE: Also with your maintenance plan you have telephone and email access to your tax planner any time of the year; this covers tax questions and financial decision-making advice. 

As Certified Tax Coaches, We have received specialized training in identifying proactive tax planning opportunities and applying them to your unique situation.  You can trust that we will work extra hard to find as many tax saving opportunities for you as possible.  We will identify every strategy that you legally qualify for.

With nothing to lose (except for the hard-earned tax dollars that you might already be overpaying the US Government), why not give us a call today?

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